Marina MacLean,

E RYT 500

Peterborough, Ontario

I have been teaching Yoga in Peterborough for 20 years now and my experience has shown that the ancient teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda are very relevant to our time and place and are for everyone. It may take a little exploration to find what works for you but the right practice for your body is going to make you feel better at the end of class and that will encourage you to continue practice. The body movements and the breath work bring joy and ease and the deep relaxation at the end of class is much needed and much appreciated by all students. I teach complete beginners ( yes, even those who think they have no flexibility ) and I mentor experienced Yoga teachers and teach everyone in between. I hope to see you in one of our classes or perhaps you prefer to explore the options privately in a consultation. I look forward to meeting with you !

There will be 4 Workshops this Fall, all on Monday’s 12:00-3:00 @ Sky Studio

Chi Lovers Workshops on September 16 & November 18, $ 35.00, open to all students

Prana Shakti Workshops on October 21 & December 9, $ 45.00, Continuing Education for teachers, teachers in training and experienced students